Selling Skill: If you don’t have,your Corporate life is tough

What You’ll Learn:

  • To know “Why Selling Skill” is a must for everyone
  • To understand “What organisation wants from you”
  • To Understand “The difference between Selling and Marketing”
  • To know” How collaborative organisations is the need of the hour”
  • To understand “What is Selling Skill with Q & A
  • To practice the skill on “Customer Expectations” Skill
  • To understand what is “Principles of Salesmanship”
  • What are the “Selling Success Factor”
  • To understand “Why Product Knowledge” is so important
  • To know “What are the Customer Expectations during Selling Process”
  • To understand “The Steps in Selling Process”
  • To understand “The Selling Process in detail”


  • If you are in Corporate world or you are an entrepreneur or anyone who thinks and put forth his ideas or point of opinion to others


It is said, if you have a business card you have to sell.

The process of selling in whatever you are doing makes the organisation customer centric.

We sell to others in whatever field we are in.

Both in professional and personal life we sell when we say something whether it is ideas, services, thoughts, points during discussions and brain storming.

Who this course is for:
  • Hence, people working in Corporate in sales.
  • Leaders having team
  • Procurement, Marketing, Branding and other functions
  • Leaders who are on Transformation of the organisation to sales
  • Senior Leadership Groups who want to implement selling skill in the organisation.
  • Mid Management Leaders who want to see that their teams are really customer oriented and know the pain in acquiring one customer by the sales team.
  • Practical advice on sales and how to deal with their sales team in the Business and Functions
  • Business Leaders who want to identify and develop sales Talent in their Team
  • Trainers and consultants guiding organisations may take this course
  • Professional and Consultants engaged in advising the Business & Function Heads
Created by Kalyan Das
Last updated 8/2019

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