Rule based swing trading in financial markets

What You’ll Learn:

  • Rule based technical analysis and formulation of trading strategy to do swing trading in stock, commodity or currency markets
  • After this course, traders will be able to beat emotions by following rule based approach to undertake swing trading in up trending or down trending markets


  • Be able to use price charts as per rules suggested in the course


The course is designed and well structured to introduce entire process to successful undertake high probability swing trading opportunities in bullish or bearish market conditions. Rules based technical analysis and formulation of trading strategy help traders to beat the emotional aspects for consistent success. Majority of traders do suffer despite of knowledge relating to technical analysis because they fail to have rule based approach and use well defined rules as checklist. The course step by step through various lectures educate rule based identification of trends, rule based technical analysis & rule based formulation of trading strategy which will help traders to trade without any ambiguity to achieve desired success rate to make profits consistently

Who this course is for:
  • Traders of financial markets
Created by Devesh Kumar Sinha
Last updated 8/2019
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