How To Become a 3D Artist/Visualiser Introduction

What You’ll Learn:

  • Who is Romas Noreika Design
  • What will I teach and what will you learn in my future lectures
  • What is to become an Architectural 3D Artist/Visualiser
  • What computer specification to buy for learning/working with Architectural Visualisations
  • What software to use for Architectural Visualisation
  • Basic understanding what software Architectural Visualisation companies are using
  • How to set up Autodesk 3D Studio Max to start learning/working in Architectural CGI Industry
  • What plugins/scripts to use for 3D Studio Max for creating Architectural Visualisations
  • Finalizing my course and what I will be teaching you in my future courses


  • To Have a Computer
  • To have a basic understanding what is 3D


In this Introduction course “How To Become a 3D Artist/VIsualiser I will be introducing my self “Romas Noreika Design” who I am, what computer specification you need buy to properly work in Architectural Visualisation Industry. What is most common softwares used in Architectural Visualisation companies.

I will be showing how to properly setup you 3Ds Max. I will talk about most common scripts and plugins in ARCH VIZ and I will show how to install some of them.

And at the end I will finalize my course and talk about what I will be teaching in my other courses.

Who this course is for:
  • A beginner with 3D Studio Max
  • A beginner in Architectural Visualisations
  • A beginner in 3D
  • A beginner in starting learning CGI
  • A student/graduate trying to find a job as a 3D Artist/Visualiser
  • A beginner who wants to know what kind of computer specification machine he/she will have to buy
  • People who want to improve them selfs in Architectural Visualisations
Created by Romas Noreika Design
Last updated 8/2019
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