Google Sheets – The Complete Advanced Level Course

What you’ll learn
  • How to create advanced level spreadsheets
  • Lots of powerful functions and formulas
  • How to use arrays and array functions
  • How to use the incredible QUERY lookup function
  • Database functions such as DSUM and DCOUNTA
  • Financial functions such as IRR, NPV and YIELD
  • How to create and alter SPARKLINES
  • How to use fixed and dynamic Named Ranges
  • How to create basic macros

  • You need access to Google Sheets
  • You need to know how to use spreadsheets to an intermediate level

*** Are you ready to take your Google Sheets skills to an advanced level? ***

Is This Course For You?

If you have been using Google Sheets at an intermediate level but would like to learn more, this course is for you!

Our advanced level Sheets course is perfect if you:

  • Want to learn lots of powerful formulas and functions
  • Want to learn how use arrays and array functions to manipulate data
  • Would like to FILTER and SORT data with single-cell functions
  • Would like to learn database functions like DSUM and DCOUNTA
  • Need to know how financial functions like NPVIRR and YIELD work
  • Want to learn how to create and use Named Ranges
  • Want to learn the powerful QUERY function and how you can combine it with Named Ranges
  • Would like to learn how to create, save and run basic macros
  • Hope to advance your career with new skills
  • Already use spreadsheets but want to learn more

What You Will Get Out of This Course

If you have already been using Google Sheets or another spreadsheet program at an intermediate level, this course will give you the confidence to:

  • Create complex spreadsheets that function at a professional level
  • Manipulate and summarise large amounts of data with single-cell functions
  • Use Google Sheets at an advanced level

Why This Course?

We believe this is the best course on Google Sheets at an advanced level because we have carefully selected the best topics to include and we teach them in the right order.

By the end of this course you will understand:

  • How to use these powerful advanced level functions:
    • Array functions:
      • Curly Brackets
      • MMULT
      • FILTER
      • SORT
    • Database Functions:
      • DSUM
      • DAVERAGE
      • DCOUNT
      • DCOUNTA
    • Interest Rate Functions:
      • EFFECT
      • NOMINAL
      • INTRATE
      • RATE
    • Value Functions:
      • FV
      • NPV
      • PV
    • Investment Functions
      • IRR
      • NPER
      • PMT
      • YIELD
    • Google Functions:
    • Web Functions:
  • How to create and manage fixed and dynamic Named Ranges
  • How to combine the functions you have learned and Named Ranges to extract and manipulate large amounts of data easily
  • How to create and manage basic macros
Who this course is for:
  • Intermediate level Google Sheets users who want to learn more skills
  • Finance professionals who want to create more powerful spreadsheets
Created by Mark Cunningham
Last updated 10/2019
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