Advanced Vim

What you’ll learn
  • Move and search through files quickly and effectively
  • Modify files and reformat files elegantly
  • Use macros to record and play back commands
  • Integrate Vim with external shell commands
  • Bridge the gap between Vim and other programs: Bash shell, tmux, and IDE

  • No prior knowledge of Vim is required before taking this course.

The text editor is the programmer’s “hammer and nail”, but what makes a programmer’s text editor the best tool for the job? Can you be sure you are approaching tasks in the most efficient and fun way until you have tried to understand what makes the Vim Editor one of the most popular and longest-standing text editing tools of all time? There’s a reason why every text editor made since its inception has Vim plugins.

In this concise course, which can be viewed in under an hour, we will start with the basics and move on to mastering the fundamentals of Vim, providing you with the perfect solid foundation to edit and search text with the fewest keystrokes imaginable. Exploiting Vim’s strengths in this way makes it a frictionless tool that works for you instead of you working for it.

By the end of this course, you will be sufficiently confident to make Vim (or its fork, Neovim) your first choice when writing applications in any programming languages.

About the Author

Gorkem Yalcinoz has many years of experience in programming and is currently studying software engineering at McGill University in Canada. Gorkem has designed many software applications with UML and programmed in Swift, Java, PHP, and C. He has been using Vim for 4 years and has coded Bash scripts using Vim in Linux. In addition to his programming skills, Gorkem’s specialty is in software specification and modeling, and he currently teaches these in connection with UML.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is for any developer who wants to master Vim for application development. Whether you’re a database admin, network engineer, full stack web developer, or operations team member, you’ll find value in mastering the fundamentals of Vim for editing text in bulk.



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